Minggu, 30 November 2014

Compilation of OOR Songs

Kompilasi lagu One Ok Rock yang dijadikan narasi pendek. Miko lagi belajar nulis sekalian belajar bahasa Inggris nih, kalau ada salah kata mohon maaf ^^ 

I think I wanna miss you for thousand times. It PIERCEs my heart when I want to be WHEREVER YOU ARE, but unfortunately I can't. When you were close to me, that was like THE BEGINNING, but something told me that was the ENDING STORY.
            YOU’VE BROKEN MY HEART so that I got a HEARTACHE. To leave you behind maybe the right DECISION, but it’s not that easy.
            I want to RE-MAKE my life, just stay alive without you. Just a little bit more, I need TO FEEL THE FIRE. I need it to keep me warm around my loneliness. But NOTHING HELPS, because NOBODY’S HOME to be relied on. Is there anyone wants to BE THE LIGHT fro me?
            Hmm. I am a LIAR, aren’t I? Who said I can live without you? You said you had love that was THE SAME AS mine. But how about now? I’ve lost everything. All my hope, all my love, ALL MINE! And ET CETERA!
            Hey, can you hear me? This is my song. Every single NOTES’N’WORDS –it’s all for you. But I think, that’s not enough. The melody is getting DEEPER DEEPER, and deeper. Why I’m stuck here? Eventhough the ANSWER IS CLEAR: You’re not for me.
            But overall, I still happy I can see you SMILING DOWN. Even if it isn’t me who stay beside you.